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Final Fantasy 5, World 1:

  1. The Wind Stops.The Wind Stops. (Level: 1)

    You start out by seeing the King of Tycoon Castle leaving Lenna in charge. Lenna is the princess of Tycoon Castle, and the King has left because he is worried that the win has stopped. Then, it cuts to the pirates, and Faris, the leader of the pirates. Then you see Galuf, riding the meteor to this world. The meteor crashes into this world and you will gain control of Butz. He will tell Boko, his Chocobo, to stay behind. Go up and around and fight the two goblins that are trying to take Lenna away. Kill them and meet her, then go upward to meet Galuf. Galuf and Lenna leave for the Wind Crystal Shrine.

  2. The Pirates.

    Treasures: Kawa no Boushi (Leather Hat)

    Walk Butz out of the meteorite site and north of where he started, eventually, Boko will crash into the wall. You will have to fight a few goblins several times until you get Lenna and Galuf to join your party. They find out the road to Tule is down, and they need to get a ship somehow. Go into the cave to the Pirate ship and gain a few levels by the pool that fills your HP and MP up. Go up and through the winding cave, collecting the treasures as you go. Push the switch that the pirate did to go into the cave. Go across the bridge to the ship and press the "A" button the wheel of the ship. You will meet Faris here. After explaining why you were trying to take the ship, Faris will join you and leave for the Wind Crystal Shrine. The pirate will ask you if you know the way to the Wind Crystal Shrine, pick the top answer (Yes) if you do, and pick the bottom one, (No), if you don't. If you pick "No", the pirate will drive you over to where the Wind Crystal Shrine is. Don't go into it just yet, though.

  3. Town of Tule.">Town of Tule. (Level: 4)

    Treasures: 100 Giru, Potion x 2, Etel, Fenix no O x 2, Tent x 2, 150 Giru, Kawa no Kutsu (Leather Shoes)

    If you don't have Level 4 yet, I suggest that you walk around outside of the town awhile until you get to that point. Go inside the town, Faris will head inside the Pub and drink for awhile. Go into the various shops, buy anything that you need and make sure to buy the magic. Also, if you're new to this game, you may want to visit the House of Beginners.

  4. Wind Crystal Shrine. (Level: 5)

    Treasures: Tent, Bload Sword, Tsue (Staff/Cane), Kawa no Boushi (Leather Hat)

    This dungeon is not difficult at all if you are level 5. When you first enter, go off to the left and get some info on King Tycoon and get a few free potions and fill up your HP/MP. Keep going up a few floors, gaining each treasure you come across, until you fight Wingrapter.

    Boss of the Wind Crystal Shrine: Wingrapter. HP: 250

    How to defeat: Only attack it while it's wings are open. Attacking when it's wings are closed will make it counter- attack with Tsume (Iron Nail). An easy way to beat it is to get Bload sword for all members and just keep attacking it until it dies.

    After you beat the Wingrapter, you get your first jobs. The jobs are:

    Knight, Monk, Thief, ShiroMadoushi (White Mage), KuroMadoushi (Black Mage), and AoMadoushi (Blue Mage).

    You'll want to walk outside of the Wind Crystal Shrine and fight a bit with your new classes. Right now I recommend Butz as Knight, Lenna as Black or White Mage (Kuro or Shiro Madoushi), Galuf as Monk, and Faris as Blue Mage or Thief. Doing this will give you good abilities with magic and attack. Also, if you are really strong, go a little bit south of the Wind Crystal Shrine and to the right on the strip of land, fighting the Lion-like enemies gets you a lot of ABP, fighting three of them at a time will get you 3 ABP a battle.

  5. Back to Tule and on to the Canal. (Level: 7)

    Go back to Tule using the ship, and go to the northern house in the city, this is Zokku's house. After your party spends the night here, you will get the "Unga no Kagi" (Canal Key). Leave town and go to the canal a little bit south of the Wind Crystal Shrine. Open the door with the key that Zokku gave you. Syldra will leave at the end of this part.

    Boss of Torna Canal: Kalablos. HP: 650 Weakness: Thunder

    How to defeat: He's pretty easy, all you really need to do is attack. A normal state. Just attack her when she's in normal state. When she becomes undead state, a good way to beat her is to use "O Kearu" (Cure), on her with White Mages (ShiroMadoushi).

  6. Ship Graveyard. (Level: 8)

    Treasures: Tent, 990 Giru, Phoenix no O x 2, Flail, Antidote x 2, Potion.

    Keep following the ships, you should find your way through easily, gain levels as you go through, some of these enemies give you some decent experience.

    Note: I know many people have problems with this stage of the on the SNES emulators because of the various layering effects of emulators. I don't think there is a good way around this, so if you're here on an SNES emulator, it might be a little harder to navigate around.

    Boss of the Ship Graveyard:

    How to defeat: Having one or two Monks or Knights helps when she's in normal form. When she's in undead form, a good way of beating her is to use "O Kearu" (Cure) with White Mages (ShiroMadoushi). Just keep attacking when she's in normal form, though.

  7. Karwen Village. (Level: 10)

    Treasures: Kori no Rod (Ice Rod), Cottage, Antidote.

    You will learn about Walse Castle and Hiryuus, flying dragons, in this town. Buy whatever you think you need here, and change your jobs according to what you think is best. Now is a pretty good time to gain some levels outside of the town, if you need to.

  8. Northern Mountain. (Level: 11)

    Treasures: Kin no Hari (Golden Needles), Phoenix no O

    Go through the mountain, collecting treasures as you go, and you'll go through a few forks. You'll eventually fight Forza and Magisa at the middle of the mountain.

    Boss of Northern Mountain:

    Forza: Level 8, HP: 850 Magisa: Level 8, HP: 650

    How to defeat: If you get hit by strong magic, heal by using either a potion or "O Kearu" (Cure) spell. An easy way to defeat them is to make 4 Monks or Knights and just waste Magisa with attacks before she can even call Forza to come to her aid.

    You now have control of the Hiryuu. Fly to Walse town, south of Karwen town. You can also go back to Tycoon Castle to get some good treasures if you want, Tycoon will be accessed by the Hiryuu for as long as you have it.

  9. Walse Town. (Level: 13)

    Treasures: Silver Glasses

    You will learn about the Water Crystal here. Buy the best weapons and armor for every character, and be sure to buy any magic you don't have yet. You may want to gain a few levels outside. After you're done, head to Walse Castle.

  10. Walse Castle. (Level: 13 or 14)

    Treasures: Tent, Phoenix no O, 490 Giru, Elf no Manto (Elf Cloak), 1000 Giru x 2, Supido (Speed).

    Talk to the soldiers and the King of Walse, you will see the second meteorite crash into the earth. Go with the King to where the meteorite crashed, which is a little northwest of Walse Castle. Don't go into the basement of Walse Castle right now, it is very dangerous, but you'll come back later.

  11. Walse Tower. (Level: 14)

    Treasures: Otome no Kissu (Woman's Kiss), Ether, Silver Bracelet, Siruku no Robe (Silk Robe).

    Keep heading up the tower, and talk to King Walse, who is on the ground. Proceed up the tower, getting the treasures by climbing the vines. You will eventually get some Crystal Chips, and you must then fight Galura, the boss of Walse Tower.

    Boss of Walse Tower: Galura Level 3, HP: 1200

    How to defeat: An easy way of defeating Galura is to just use "Kaeru no Uta" (Frog Song) on him, so he becomes very weak. He mainly uses physical attacks, so just keep hitting him with Monks and Knights.

    After this battle, you gain the following jobs:

    TokiMadoushi (Time Mage), Mahoukenshi (Magic Knight), Shoukanshi (Summoner), Baasaakaa (Berserker), and AkaMadoushi (Red Mage).

    Now is a good time to get the treasures in Tycoon castle if you haven't done so already, you may want to try out your new jobs and gain a few levels.

  12. Tycoon Castle. (Level: 15)

    Treasures: Otome no Kissu (Woman's Kiss), Elixer x 2, Ether x 2, Phoenix no O x2, Giyama no Kane (Giyama's Bell), Shuriken, Ashura, Iyashi no Tsue (Heal Rod), Cottage x 3, Hi-Potion.

    Just grab all the treasures you can. Some are a little hidden, but I'll let you figure out how to get them.

    Go back to Walse Castle and talk to King Walse, he'll tell you information about Karnak.

  13. Walse Meteor. (Level: 15)

    Go to the meteorite, there is a hole in it. Go through the small passage in the meteor, and you'll eventually find a warp that brings you to the meteor close Karnak. Walk northwest, and then south. Go to Karnak Town.

  14. Karnak Town and Cid. (Level: 15)

    Go to the weapon or armor shop and try to buy something, you will get caught and brought to the Karnak Castle prison. You will meet Cid in the next jail, as he is trying to escape. He'll ask you to help him by stopping the Fire Crystal from breaking. After you talk to Cid, you will be let out of the castle. Buy the best magic, weapons, and armor from the shops here, and talk to the people of Karnak.

    After you bought "Faira 2" (Fire 2), go back to the Castle of Walse and go behind the castle and to the back waterfall. Keep going until you fight Shiva, use Faira 2 on her, and she should be easy. Now you have your first level 2 summon, Shiva. Now is a great time to gain levels around Karnak.

  15. The Fire-Powered Ship. (Level: 17)

    Keep going through the ship, there are various ways with different treasures. The elevators will switch your levels for you, and there are single treasures in many rooms. When you see a room with four openings, take the one all the way to the right to get the Green Beret. After you got it, you'll end up back at the same four choices room. Take the second opening on the right to eventually get the Thief Glove. You'll return again to the four choices area. Take the second opening to the left, and you'll proceed. When you fall down, take the left door, and you can save. After the save point, you'll find an interesting puzzle that you'll need to complete in order to pass. I'll give the solution to the puzzle, don't read it if you want to try it on your own first.

    Solution: Click the first switch you can possibly click. Get off that platform and click the switch all the way to the left. Click the switch in the upper-left, and run across the room and click both switches on the other side. Walk downward and click the higher switch while you're standing to the right of it. Click the last switch, and you'll be brought to a place by an Elixer. Grab it and proceed to the boss.

    Boss of the Fire-Powered Ship: Liquid Flame. Level 19, HP: 3000. Attribute: Fire and Wind.

    How to defeat: You'll need to heal after you get hit by his Fire Magic. Bulizado (Blizzard) magic series is very effective on him, but don't use magic while it's in the form of a hand. Only attack it with strong attacks when it's in the hand form.

  16. Escape from Karnak! (Level: 19)

    Treasures: 2000 Giru x 2, Elixer x 6, Elf's Cloak, Main Gauch, Shuriken, Ribbon, Esna Spell, Raijin no Jutsu.

    After you leave the crystal room from the whole, you'll have 10 minutes to escape from Karnak Castle. It's really important that you have one of your characters be a Thief and have the "Dash" skill, because you don't want to waste any time at all. Be sure to save at the save point. Run up the staircase, and get the two treasure chests that you see quickly. Go to upper-right staircase. It's a good idea to run from every enemies that you run into except for the enemies in the treasure chests, since they give you things after defeating them. Get the treasures on the left and the right of the room. In these treasure chests, you will fight enemies. These enemies cast the Blue Magic spell "Aero", so it's a good idea to learn it now. Go to the central door. Run around and go through the door at the bottom. Go through the next floor quickly, there is no treasure here. When you get to the room with the carpet, go to the upper-right staircase. Run to lower exit and get the treasure box, fight and kill the enemy. Run along the left and right castle walls, and in one of them, you will get the "Elf no Manto" (Elven Cloak). Return to the room you left from, and get every treasure chest you see. Run down the central staircase and you'll end up in the carpeted room. Go down and get the treasures on the left and right sides, and fight the enemies. Go down and fight the Sergeant.

    Boss of Karnak Castle: Sergeant

    How to defeat: When you get hit with the Death Claw Blue Magic spell, one of your characters will have only a few hit points. Make sure to heal this character quickly. Normal attacks work just fine for defeating him, and Monks are the most effective.

    *Note: Make sure to learn the Blue Magic spell "Death Claw" here, it's one of the most important Blue Magic spells in the game, and it should be useful throughout.

    Try to gain a few levels afterward. If you can get to level 25 going past Karnak, the rest of World 1 will be pretty easy.

  17. The Ancient Library. (Level: 23)

    The wall that was blocking your way to the west is now gone, so you can follow the path west. There's a good opportunity to gain a good Blue Magic spell on the way to the Ancient Library.

    Gaining Aqualung: Before reaching the desert following the western passage, be sure to save your game. Once saved, enter the desert. I recommend changing all of your characters to Monks here. Make sure at least one of the Monks knows the Blue Magic ability "Learn Blue Magic" Enter the desert, and you will fight the Durumu Kimaira (Chivera). He will probably cast a deadly Blue spell, "Aqualung". Once he has cast it, keep hitting hit with everything you've got. Use Store Power or plain attacks with the Monks. After killing him, you will get the Blue Magic spell "Aqualung".

    When you get to the Ancient Library, save your game and use a Tent. When you enter the Ancient Library, go to the main hall and talk to the scholars. You will learn about Mid, Cid's grandson, and about the Ancient Library. Go to the basement of the library from the left door under the bridge when you entered the library. There is a great Blue Magic spell, "Level 5 Death" that can be gained here from Page 64 enemies.

    Gaining Level 5 Death: To get this Blue Magic spell, you must first make sure that at least one member of your party is a level multiple of 5, but one or more members cannot be a level multiple of 5, or all of your guys will die in the process. A few of the books in the library have the enemy "Page 64", and when you meet him, he will more than likely cast "Level 5 Death". You'll need a Blue Mage or the skill "Learn Blue Magic" to get it, of course. After he casts it, just win the battle, and you've got a new piece of Blue Magic. :)

    After you've gotten Level 5 Death, proceed through the library, going into various dead ends and pushing the switches to open up new areas. Going farther into the library, you will meet Ifrit, the Fire Elemental.

    Boss 1 of Ancient Library: Ifrit. Level 22, HP: 3000 Attribute: Fire Weakness: Ice

    This battle shouldn't be hard at all. Casting Shiva with a Summoner is very effective, and when you have more than 1 Summoner, it's even more effective. :) Black Mage's Bulizara magics work very well, too. After you've beaten Ifrit, the Summoner can cast the Ifrit Summon.

    When you get Ifrit, a bookshelf that wouldn't let you pass before now will. Proceed through the library, and at the bottom, you'll fight Biblos.

    Boss 2 of Ancient Library: Biblos. Level 24, HP: 3600 Weakness: Fire

    Try your most powerful Faira (Fire) magics on him. Ifrit works well. Attacking Monks also help. A good way to beat him is using "Death Claw" Blue Magic (Ao Mahou) spell. He shouldn't be too hard, but he is harder than Ifrit.

  18. To Karnak and back. (Level: 24)

    You must talk to Mid in the Ancient Library. Then, leave for Karnak. Talk to Cid in the pub. You'll get the Fire-powered ship. When you go back to the Ancient Library again, the scholars will say new things. They'll inform you of Jacole.

  19. Jacole. (Level: 24)

    This town is located on the peninsula in the south-western part of the world. Buy new items and weapons, and learn of your next destination, the Dungeon of Jacole.

    Treasures in the Dungeon of Jacole: Tent, Shuriken, Dengeki Muchi (Lightning Whip).

    When you enter, press the switch on the left. This enables you to move around. There are a series of switches on the walls. After the switches blink for awhile, a `true' switch will be revealed. Hit this switch to proceed. In the treasure chest at the end, there is a hidden switch. Hit it to reveal a new door. There really isn't anything you need to do here, but you'll come back later. The wall in the back can be climbed, but don't do it yet.

  20. Cresent Island. (Level: 25)

    When you first go into Cresent town, your ship will sink (Doh!). The village folks speak of the Kuro Chocobo (Black Chocobo). There is an additional song you can get here, "Tairyoku no Uta" (Health Song). You may also learn "Death Sickle" Blue Magic spell here by fighting enemies outside of the town. After you've done everything you need to do in the town, go into the Chocobo Forest (southwest of Cresent town). When you get in, catch a Black Chocobo by pressing `A'.

    You will gain two additional classes here. They are:

    Ginyuu Shijin (Bard), Karyuudo (Archer/Hunter).

    After you get your new classes and KuroChocobo, head north of the Wind Crystal Shrine, and you'll arrive at Butz's hometown, Lix.

  21. From Lix to Istory. (Level: 26)

    There really isn't much to do in Lix. But, there is a new song that you can learn. Go into Butz's house and get "Yuuwaku no Uta" (Song of Temptation).

    After you've packed up, head to Istory. It's northwest of the entire world map. When you're in the city, stock up on weapons and armor, and whatever else you think you need. You can get the Black Magic "Toad" by walking on the square flower garden to the west part of the town. If you go into the sheep's pen, talk to one of the sheep, and it'll kick you over the fence. Once you're over the fence, talk to the nearby Bard and get the Song: "Ai no Uta" (Song of Love).

    Outside and around Istory are very good places to gain levels at this point of the game. It may be wise to stop awhile and fight.

    You can get Ramuh summon spell here. Go to the forest slightly to the east, and keep fighting until he fights you. He shouldn't be hard at all.

    Boss of Istory Forest: Ramuh. Level: 21, HP: 4000 Atrribute: Thunder

    Death Claw works incredibly well in this battle. Use that right away if you have it. If you don't have it, use Monks or Knights to beat him out physically. It shouldn't be too hard, considering your levels.

    After you've beaten Ramuh, a new item named "Ramuh" will end up in your inventory. Use the item to get the new Summon spell, Ramuh.

    This is a really great place to stop to gain levels. Most battles yield 2 or 3 ABP, which is pretty good, considering what you've been through so far. It's a good idea to master Magic classes with Lenna and Butz, and Physical classes for Galuf and Faris, for now.

  22. The Ancient Library and Quicksand Desrt. (Level: 28)

    Tlak to Cid and Mid, and you will learn about King Tycoon. Exit the library, and go west past the mountain range, and into the desert. When you enter the desert, the sand worm will attack you. When you get their, you're asked if you're ready to go in or not. Select `yes' if you're ready to fight it.

    Boss of the Quicksand Desert: Sand Worm. Level 18, HP: 300 Weakness: Water.

    Aqua Breath is incredibly useful for this battle. Just one use of this Ao Mahou spell should kill it. If you cast magic on the little holes, they'll revenge with "Ryuusa". "Stop" is a pretty good spell as well. Use anything from the Water magic class.

  23. Gosh and Lonka. (Level: 28)

    It's not very hard to navigate through the quicksand to get out of the desert, just keep trying until you get to the right path. When you get to the southern exit, walk south. Enter the village and you'll see King Tycoon (?). Keep going to where he leaves to, and he will appear and reappear. If you found him, he'll eventually take to the center staircase. Follow him there. When you get their, you'll fall through a pitfall. Go through the door at the end.

    When you get to the room with the beds, go to the right table in the right room and read the paper on the table. If you follow the instructions written on the paper, you'll get 2 Shurikens and a "Minimum".

    *Solution to puzzle: Go to the button on the lower-left wall, press "A". Say `no' to the first question, and `yes' to the second question. This should reveal your treasure.

    When you get the airship here, you'll get attacked on it by ClayClaw.

    Boss on the Airship (Once you get it): ClayClaw Level 43, HP: 2000 Weakness: Thunder

    Mahouken Sandara will work well. He'll use a special ability on you called TailScrew. This is a devestating attack, but it shouldn't be too hard to help it with healing magic spells. Also, if you're really low on HP, it might be a good idea for a AoMadoushi (Blue Mage) to cast "????", which does greater HP damage when your HPs are low. Also, "Raijin no Jutsu" can be thrown at him to do some huge damage. It's a good idea to steal a "Sango no Ken" (Coral Sword) from him, as this is the best sword for a Knight at this point in the game.

    When you beat ClayClaw, go to the town of Gohn. The Lonka Ruin will rise. Return to the Catapult (Where your Airship is launched out of, under the sea, near crescent island).

  24. The Meteorites. (Level: 30)

    When you return to the Catapult, Cid will ask for you to obtain some Adamantite, so your airship can fly higher and meet up with the Lonka Ruin. Go to the Meteor near Tycoon (You were here at the very start of the game). When you go inside the Meteor, a boss is guarding it.

    Boss of the Tycoon Meteorite: Adamantaimai Level 20, HP: 2000 Weakness: Ice (Buluzado)

    This is a very humorous battle, if you know how to win it right. Just use "Level 5 Death" you learned from the Ancient Library, and that will totally destroy him. ^_^ If you don't have Level 5 Death, use "Protetsu" on your characters, then cast high-level Bulizado attacks.

    After you have beaten Adamantaimai, return to the catapult and give the Adamantite to Cid. The airship will now be powered up and you can press "B" while in the air to go up to the Lonka Ruins.

  25. The Lonka Ruins. (Level: 31)

    There are 4 cannons around the opening, and you'll have to defeat these cannons first before moving into the interior of the Lonka Ruins. It's easiest to beat these by using the Ramuh summon spell, and they shouldn't be a big problem at all. Once you beat all of the smaller cannons, the middle cannon will open up, and you will have to fight it, as well. If at any time you need to leave this flying area, you can take your airship out of here to sleep at an Inn or buy items.

    Boss of the beginning of Lonka Ruins: Sol Cannon. Level 36

    Just use "Level 5 Death", as it will destroy 2 of the 3 launchers. Sandara will work very well on the remaining cannon. This battle should be really easy.

    Treasures in the interior of Lonka Ruins: Gold Armor, Gold Shield, Elixer, Hi-Potion, 5000 Giru, Shuriken, Kodai no Tsurugi, Power Wrist, Engetsurin, Cottage, Ether.

    It's a REALLY good idea to have a Thief in the party for this area. This allows you to see all of the hidden passages within the area. It shouldn't be too hard, just keep searching for treasures, and moving along, and you will eventually fight ArukeoEibis.

    Boss of the Lonka Ruins: ArukeoEibis.

    ArukeoEibis has 2 phases:

    Phase 1 - Level 19, HP: 6400 Phase 2 - Level 20, HP: 2500

    This is one of the harder battles in the game, I think. Since Arukeo is fairly strong, and he can change his weakness with "Barrier Change", this will be a tough battle. You can see his weakness by casting the Shirmahou spell "Raibura". Monks are very good for this battle, as well. After he revives, notice his level is multiple of 5, so you know what that means, Level 5 Death time. ^_^

    Jobs Obtained after beating the Lonka Ruins:

    Samurai, Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight), Kusurishi (Chemist), Odoriko (Dancer).

    After the last crystal breaks and gives you those classes, Exdeath returns, because the seal is broken. Galuf leaves back to his planet, and you will only have 3 characters in your party. Go to the catapult and read the letter that Mid wrote. He's returning the adamantite to where you found them. Go to Tycoon, to the first Meteorite. There is nothing to do here but just let the meteorite destroy the power in the adamantite. Then, you have to go to the Karnak Meteorite. Here you will fight Titan.

    Boss of Karnak Meteorite: Titan. Level 1, HP: 2500 Attribute: Earth.

    It shouldn't be too hard to beat him. You'll need at least one person to heal, though, as his attacks can be devastating. He will cast "Earth Shaker" when he dies. After you beat him, you will receive the "Titan" summon spell.

    Next, go to the Walse Meteorite. You'll have to fight PyuroBoros.

    Boss of the Walse Meteorite: PyuroBoros Level 22, HP: 2200

    This is one of the simplest battles in the game. All you have to do is have a Samurai on hand and have him do "Zeninage" (Coin Toss). It should die within one throwing of this. Simple enough. :)

    Now go to the meteorite near the Tower of Gone. You have to fight Kimaira Brain.

    Boss of Town of Gone's Meteorite: Kimaira Brain. Level 19, HP: 3300

    Do not use any of your Bulizado (Ice) mahou, as it will be absorbed. Make sure someone has "Kearura", because it will cast Blaze, a very powerful spell. Death Claw AoMahou (Blue Magic) is the best strategy here. If you don't have it, use "Gravite" spells, as it has a weakness to it.

    *Note: You are about to leave the first world. You can do whatever you want, but there are a few things I recommend that you do before leaving.

    1) Get the Elf no Manto (Elven Cloak) and Speed Magic from the basement of Worus castle if you haven't done so. 2) Gain a few levels. If you're high levels at this part of the game, great. But if you aren't, it might be really wise to gain a few, as there are much harder enemies in the next world. Once you think you are prepared, follow the arrows on the map and head to the warp zone.

    This is the end of the first world.


Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide
Super Famicom
Japanese Version
Version 1.0
Made by Exdeath
E-Mail: [email protected]

Exdeath's Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide

This is the Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide. This copyright belongs to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it is due.

If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, E-Mail me at [email protected] I would really appreciate your help if you can give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for me to clear up, also mail me.

In this guide I will note the level I recommend your characters being, treasures in the area, boss strategies, and common things to do.

Note: I realize my level recommendations might seem a little high, especially during the first part of the game, but if you're pretty high in levels at the end of World 1, the game goes by pretty smooth.

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