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Final Fantasy 5, World 2:

  1. The Solitary Island. (Level: 32)

    The first thing you need to do in this world is use a Tent. If you don't have one, you'll have to keep fighting the enemies around this area until you can find one. If you don't find one, tough luck. :) Use a Tent.

    When you are getting to sleep, Abductor tries to take Faris and Lenna. You'll have to fight it with only Butz.

    Boss of Solitary Island: Abductor. Level 22, HP: 1500

    Very simple. Just attack, really. It doesn't have very many good attacks, and you can easily nail it out of the sky with just plain attacks. I wish most of the other bosses in the game were this easy. :) If you don't think you're strong enough, just use your Death Claw AoMahou.

  2. Exdeath's Castle Basement. (Level: 32)

    This is where you have to rescue Butz, Lenna, and Faris with Galuf. It's good to have Galuf as either a Monk or Samurai (I normally put him as a Monk, because he inflicts huge damage with it). After a few corridors, you'll find your friend's items. Then you'll have to fight Gilgamesh. (Cool music! ^_^)

    Boss of Exdeath Castle: Gilgamesh (Ya' think it'd be Exdeath!) Level ??, HP: ??

    This is probably also one of the more simpler battles in the game. Just use normal attacks again. He doesn't have a set ammount of HP, but once you inflict a certain ammount of damage, he'll run away.

    After beating Gilgamesh, you escape from Exdeath Castle. Once out, you have to go to Big Bridge. There you will have to fight a few enemies, and then Gilgamesh again.

    Boss of Big Bridge: Gilgamesh. Level: ??, HP: ??

    Don't just attack him out of the blue, because he'll power up so that he's much stronger (He casts Shell and Protetsu). Cast "mahouken-sairesu" at the very start of the battle, so he can't cast those magics to power up. It shouldn't be too hard after that.

  3. Rugoru and Koozer. (Level: 33)

    Not much to do here, but buy all of the new mahou and weapons and armor. Also, when you sleep here, Galuf will get up and leave to the Pub. Just walk Butz over to the Pub and talk with Galuf.

    It's a good idea to gain a few levels outside here, as the enemies are not too hard, yet give good gold and experience. After you think you're ready, head south to the castle of Koozer.

    When you get here, make sure you save outside. The enemies inside are extremely hard, so run from all of them. You can go to see the 12 legendary weapons here. You will eventually get these weapons later in the game, but not now.

  4. Mouguli Forest and Town. (Level: 34)

    Treasures here: 4400 giru, Fenix Down.

    When you come here, talk to the Moogle and head with him down to the underground river. You have to fight Tirasaurs here.

    Boss of River: Tirasaurs. Level 29, HP: 5000 Weakness: Fire

    This is an undead monster, so it's very good to use Faira 2 and Kearura (Cure 2) on it. These spells should knock off considerable ammounts of damage, as should the "Gravite" spell. After blasting him with a bunch of spells, and healing here and there, he's dead.

    Wen you get across the Grociana desert and enter the forest, you come to Mouguli village. Try not to wander off into the desert while you get there, because "SandCrawler" will surely kill you. If you wear the Mouguli doll you can get the Elf no Manto here.

  5. Bal Castle and Quelb. (Level: 35)

    Whats going on here: It turns out that Galuf is actually the king here, which you find surprising. There are a lot of enemies outside the castle that you can fight for experience and gold, but don't exit right away, because you won't be able to get back in.

    Make your way to Bal Castle. There are many things you can get and do at Bal Castle. If you walk counter-clockwise around the Bal Castle moat, and search the dead end, you can get a Great Sword. There is a Tenshi no Hakui (Angel Robe) behind the back of the armor shop. There's a hidden switch between the weapon and armor shops. The weapon shop clerk will give you the "Ramia no Tategoto (Ramia Harp).

    *Note: This is one of the best places in the game that you can get ABP fast. In the basement of Bal Castle, many Sekizou enemies attack you. These are easily slain by Level 5 Death. It gives you 4 ABP if killed in a group of 2, and 8 ABP if they're killed in a set of 4. It is imperative that you up jobs here, as you will need to master a few to beat the game efficiently.

    After doing all that you can with level gaining and information, leave the castle and head north, to the town of Quelb.

    Enter the house in the center of Quelb. This is Kelgar's house. He was one of the 4 Knights of Dawn that Sealed Exdeath away. Kelgar will open the door on the north side of town. You can learn the spell "Reqiem" from the wolves in the northeast corner of the town. In the inn, a wolf gives you 8 potions each time you talk to him, and you can possibly get a maximum of 24 potions. Just a little freebie that you can pick up. :) You'll gain more information about the story here, and your next destination is the Valley of Flying Dragons.

  6. Valley of the Flying Dragons. (Level: 36)

    Treasures here: Cottage, 5000 giru, Bone Mail, 7000 giru, Kazekiri no Yaiba, Hyupuno Crown, Fenix Down.

    It is essential that you get the "Golem" summon here. It is fairly easy to get. After awhile, you will eventually get into a fight with Golem, who is being attacked by 2 monsters. If you beat the two other monsters without having Golem die, he gives you his summon spell for helping him. This summon is a really good one, too, since it can protect you from a lot of damage. You will eventually have to fight the next boss, Hiryuu sou.

    Boss of Valley of the Flying Dragons: Hiryuu sou. Level 29, HP: 12000

    Your newly accquired summon, Golem, works very well here, as it will block a lot of Hirryu sou's attacks. Zeninage "Coin Toss" will work incredibly well on this boss, if you have the money to spare, this is a good idea. Otherwise, use "Gravite" spells and normal attacks. It has a lot of HPs, but it will eventually die.

  7. Back to Bal and Ghido's Dwelling. (Level: 37)

    You just have to give the Hiryuusou to the Hiryuu. It'll revive and you can use it in this world now. Go northeast from Bal, and you will reach Ghido's Dwelling. It's really too bad that once you get to, the entire island sinks. :) Not to worry, though...head west to Surgate Castle.

  8. Surgate and Zeza's Fleet. (Level: 37)

    You will learn a lot about another of the 4 Knights of Dawn here, Zeza. Make sure you buy the best weapons and armor availabe for your party members, and if you go to the king's bedroom, you can get the "Subayasa no Uta" (Song of Speed). There is a special trick to do here, if you go to the library and arrange the scattered books correctly. From left to right, the books are: "Kindan no Sho", "Mamono Daijiten", and "Ronka no Himitsu". Here is a small picture of what the bookshelves will look like:

    __1__ __2__ __3__ __4__ __5__ __6__ __7__ __8__ __9__ __10__ __11__

    Put "Kindan no Sho" into bookshelf 7. Put "Mamomo Daijiten" into bookshelf 2. Put "Ronka no Himitsu" into bookshelf 9.

    Once you have put the books in the right shelves, you will be rewarded with the magic "Leviteto".

    Leave Surgate, and head to Zeza's Fleet (It's east of Exdeath's Castle). You meet Zeza, the Knight of Dawn, and you sleep on the ship. When you are sleeping, monsters raid the ship. Ignore the wandering enemies and head straight for Gilgamesh, on the bow of the ship. He'll show up this time with a new posse, Enkidou. :)

    Bosses of Zeza's Fleet: Gilgamesh, Enkidou.

    Gilgamesh: Level ??, HP: ?? Enkidou: Level 29, HP: 4000

    Physical attacks work well on Gilgamesh. Enkidou can be beaten by "Gravite", or by just casting "Confuyu" on him. Just keep hitting Gilgamesh with physical attacks, and Enkidou with magic, and it shouldn't be too hard.

    *Note: Gilgamesh carries the "Genji no Kote" (Genji Gauntlet). This cannot be found anywhere in the game but here, and is the best Gauntlet in the game, so make sure to steal it here.

  9. Barrier Tower and Ghido the Sage. (Level: 37)

    Treasures here: 9000 giru, 18000 giru, Blood Sword, Kin no Kamikazari (Gold Hairpin).

    You start at the very bottom, but keep working up to the top of the tower. It's pretty straightforward, so it shouldn't be too hard going through here. Once you get to the top, you'll have to fight Atomos.

    Boss of Barrier Tower: Atomos. Level 41, HP: 19997

    He is a pretty hard enemy, but not too hard to beat if you have the right combination of characters. Get 2 Monks, a Samurai, and a ShiroMadoushi (White Mage) here. Have both of the Monks attack, have the Samurai use "Zeninage", and have the ShiroMadoushi keep healing whoever needs it, as his "Comet" attack is really powerful. "Slow" also works on him.

    After you've beaten the Barrier Tower, you acquire the submarine. Head to Ghido's Dwelling underneath water (It's on the island that sunk, remember?). You'll have to go through a small cave, and when you get to the end, you meet Ghido. He will tell you a lot about Exdeath and Muah Forest, and give you more about the storyline of the game. He will also give you the "Chourou no Eda" (Stem of Elderly Tree), and tell you to go to Muah Forest.

    *Note: Now is a good time to get the summon spell of Katoblepas. Use the submarine, and go undersea. There is a small white dot on the north-western part of the world map. Go to that place by the underwater cave. Go around inside that cave until you fight Katoblepas. After you beat it, it will give you it's spell.

    Katoblepas: Level 38, HP: 5000

    It's best just to use physical attacks here. Keep in mind that it can use a "Devil's Eye" spell on you to turn a character into stone. This shouldn't be much of a problem if you have an Odoriko (Dancer) with a Ribbon, though. Physical attacks by Monks and Ninjas work the best.

  10. Muah Forest and Town. (Level: 37)

    To get to Muah town, just use the submarine and go to the western part of the world. Once there, look around to where Muah town is (it's surrounded by mountains). You can go underwater and come up, and you'll be close Muah town. Enter. You can get the "Main Gauche" here to the left of the Pub. The locked doors to the southwest cannot be opened yet, but you will come back much later in the game. Gather information here, and head to the Great Muah Forest.

    Treasures in Muah Forest: 2000 giru, Etel, 4500 giru, 9900 giru, Fenix Down, Elixer, Cottage, Kyojin no Kusura (Medicine of the Giants), Aegis Shield, Flame Tongue, Morning Star, Susu, Flame Shield (If you didn't take the Aegis shield).

    Use "Chourou no Eda" to enter the great forest. Once there, keep collecting all the treasures here, and fight the enemies. It is a good place to raise levels and ABP. After collecting all the treasures that you can and finding the right way through the forest, Exdeath will set fire to it. After you collect the remaining treasure, enter the Mouguli hole.

  11. The Elderly Tree. (Level: 38)

    Use "Chourou no Eda" and the tree will open. Inside, you must fight "Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono" (Guardian of the Seal).

    Boss of the Elderly Tree: Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono. Level 77, HP: 7777 (each part)

    This battle is extremely easy if you have 4 Samurais, and just use "Zeninage". However, if you don't do that, "Gravite" spell works well, and "Titan" summon works well, too. After a few spells or Zeninages, it will die.


    After the battle, Exdeath kills Galuf. Don't fret, though, because Galuf's grandaughter, Kururu will join. She gets all of the abilities that Galuf used to have, and is pretty much the same in terms of strength and individual stats.

    After you have gotten out of this big scene, and you don't have very much cash, it's a good idea to go to Gilgame's cave. There is a lot of treasures here, all filled with giru as high as 40960. However, in this cave, you could fight Gilgamesh. To beat him here use the Bulizado magic and nail him with Monks and Ninjas. He shouldn't be that hard here, although he does have 32768 HP.

  12. Exdeath Castle. (Level: 40)

    Treasures here: Daia no Tate (Diamond Shield), Etel x 2, Elixer x 2, Ice Shield, Hayate no Yumiya (Gale Bow), Ice Brand, Kotetsu, 9900 giru, 8000 giru, Twin Lance, Partisan, Fuuma Shuriken.

    Go to the front door. You'll have to go through all of the floors to reach Exdeath. In the 3rd floor, there is an illusion of Exdeath. Just go back a bit. It isn't hard to progress up the tower from here, because it's fairly linear, but when you get to the 10th floor, get Karbunkle summon here by beating it. He always has "Reflec" cast on him, so your mahou that you cast on him will bounce back and hit you. However, if you cast "Reflec" on your own party members, and hit them with mahou, it will bounce of them and hit him. Also, Katoblepas can sometimes kill him in one cast.

    You will have to fight Gilgamesh on the 12th floor.

    12 floor: Gilgamesh Level ??, HP: ??

    This is an incredibly easy battle. Normal attacks will beat him. Just make sure to have a healer on hand if you need it, otherwise, just use normal attacks, and waste him.

    On the 13th floor, you'll have to fight Exdeath...

    13th floor: Exdeath Level 66, HP: 32768

    Make sure to cast both "Golem" and "Karbunkle" to protect your party during this fight. After you're all protected, pound away at him using Zeninage, normal attacks, and Ninja's Double Hits or Monks. After awhile of dueling, he will die.

    After the battle with Exdeath, he merges the two past worlds together into one world. Are you ready?!

    End of World 2.


Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide
Super Famicom
Japanese Version
Version 1.0
Made by Exdeath
E-Mail: [email protected]

Exdeath's Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide

This is the Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide. This copyright belongs to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it is due.

If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, E-Mail me at [email protected] I would really appreciate your help if you can give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for me to clear up, also mail me.

In this guide I will note the level I recommend your characters being, treasures in the area, boss strategies, and common things to do.

Note: I realize my level recommendations might seem a little high, especially during the first part of the game, but if you're pretty high in levels at the end of World 1, the game goes by pretty smooth.

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