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Final Fantasy 5, World 3:

  1. Tycoon and Western Valley. (Level: 40)

    Boko will come back to you. Ride it north and fight Antolion at West Valley. You'll regain Faris.

  2. Ghido, the Ancient Library, and the Pyramid. (Level: 41)

    Go to Ghido's dwelling, and Exdeath will come here. He'll talk of destroying you, but won't succeed. :) After he leaves, head over to the Ancient Library. Get the "Maryoku no Uta" (Song of Mahou) on top of the library. Get "Fuuin no Sho" (Concealed Book). This is used for opening the seals around the temples. Once you have it, go to the Pyramid.

    Treasures here: Noroi no Yubiwa (Cursed Ring), Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Dark Matter x 7, Shiro no Robe (White Robe), Kuro no Robe (Black Robe), Elixer x 4, Ibara no Kanmuri (Thornlet helmet), Kuro Shouzoku (Ninja Wear), Crystal Mail, 8000 griu, 9000 giru, Daichi no Hammer (Earth Hammer), 10000 giru, Ribbon, Cottage, Mamori no Yubiwa (Ring of Protection), Kin no Kamikazari, 12000 giru.

    This isn't such a hard of a dungeon, but there is a hard enemy that is randomly encountered here, "Machine Heads". You can't run away, and they have 7210 HP, so be careful. When you get to the very top, you'll get your first Sekiban. These are used to get 3 of the 12 legendary weapons (3 x 4 is 12, so that must mean that there's 4 dungeons with Sekiban in them ^_^). Also, Bahamut will show up, and then he flies to North Moutain, where you will have to face him later.

  3. Exdeath appears and the new Airship. (Level: 42)

    You will meet with Exdeath as you are walking back to the Ancient Library. He sucks the library into "mu" (nothingness). and you will have to fight another boss, Meryujinnu.

    Boss at the Library "mu" site: Meryujinnu. Level 33, HP: 20000

    It is imperative that you have 4 KuroMadoushis (Black Mages) here. She can use "barrier" change, and change her weakness to Fire, Ice, or Lightning. So use magic like Gravite, Aero, Bio, and things other than those, and her gaining life on account of you using the wrong magic shouldn't be a problem.

    After you beat her, Lenna will join up again.

    Travel to the east coast. You will find a new airship here. If you ride the airship, Exdeath will suck some more towns or castles into "mu".

    It's a good idea now to go back to the Pirate's base, as you will learn the "Syldra" (Faris's dragon) summon here.

    Now, head to the castle of Koozer for your choice of 3 of the legendary weapons. Because of the classes I like the most, I usually take the Excalibur, Assasin Dagger, and Sasuke no Katana on my first visit. However, take the weapons according to the classes you use most often.

    *Note: There are really hard enemies here, so be sure to save the game at the entrance.

  4. Crescent and Solitary Island. (Level: 43)

    You will get information about Mirage town from the citizens here. Go to the town by heading into the forest south-west of crescent. Buy all of the Level 6 magic spells here, and you will find the last piano here to play. There is a Black Chocobo here that will be very useful later.

    Now, head to the Shrine on the Solitary Island.

    Treasures here: 12000 giru, Elixer, 9000 giru, Rising Sun, Etel x 2, Beast Slayer, Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Dark Matter, Circlet, Mamori no Yubiwa (Ring of Protection), Crystal Helm.

    You have to go through an air duct in this dungeon. If you hit the switch to the right, you will get an Elixer. Head back to the switch room, and hit the left switch for 9000 giru, and hit the fight switch up to go forward. This isn't too hard of a dungeon if your levels are pretty high, but when you get to the end of it, you'll have to fight Stalker.

    Boss of Solitary Island Shrine: Stalker. Level 7, HP: 20000

    This enemy is very strange, in that it changes it's form to 4 creatures. Only one of them is the real monster. Don't use mahou on everything, as he will counter with a powerful magic. It's really good to use "Zeninage" here, as it will attack all of the segments with physical damage, hitting the true Stalker as well.

  5. Fork Tower. (Level: 43)

    Treasures: Etel (Ether), Hi-Potion, Wonder Wand, Defender.

    In this tower, one party goes to the "Tower of Mahou" (left), and the "Tower of Power" (right). Only mahou attacks are allowed in the Tower of Mahou, and only physical attacks are allowed in the Tower of Power. At the top of each tower, you will have to fight two bosses. For the Tower of Mahou, you must fight Subete wo Shirumono.

    Boss of Tower of Mahou: Subete wo Shirumono. Level 53, HP: 16999 Weakness: Wind

    You can only do magic attacks on him, or you will have to begin the battle again. It's really easy to beat him if you cast "Baasaku" (Berserk) on him. He won't be able to use any more of his mahou anymore, but he can still use normal attacks on you, so you might want to use a "Golem" summon. He isn't that hard from there, just use "Earoga" on him, and any other wind mahou you might have.

    You'll also have to fight the Minotaur in the Tower of Power.

    Boss of Tower of Power: Minotaur. Level 37, HP: 19850

    No magic at all can be cast in this battle. You'll have to heal your characters with normal items. Just make two Monks, or a Monk and a Ninja, and keep beating him with normal attacks. If you put the Monk on "Guard" status, he will take no damage from Minotaur's physical attacks, and he'll counter-attack sometimes if you are hit. This shouldn't be too hard with 2 physical fighters in your party.

    *Note: Keep in mind that whenever you receive a "seikban", you can take 3 additional weapons from the legendary weapons display in the Concealed Castle of Koozer. Just head back there to get your weapons after you've collected them.

  6. Improved Airship and the Great Deep. (Level: 44)

    Go to the catapult and get airship modifications from Cid. You'll now be able to use your airship as a submarine, as well. After you've gotten this, go through the Dwarf Kingdom and head to the bottom floor.

    Treasures in the Great Deep: Suiton no Jutsu, Honoo no Yubiwa, Ryuu no Kiba, Etel, Kaizer Fist, Fenix Down.

    There are a HUGE number of undead monsters in this dungeon, so you might even want to use your healing magic on them. Also, "Requiem" doesn't take any MP to use, yet it gives undead monsters a lot of damage. There are a series of switches here, and it shouldn't be that hard to find your way through, so keep moving on, collecting all the treasures that you can here. At the end of the dungeon, you'll have to fight 3 bosses.

    Bosses of the Great Deep:

    Toraiton (Red Creature): Level 37, HP: 13333 Weakness: Ice Phorbos (Green Creature): Level 39, HP: 13333 Weakness: Earth Neregeid (Blue Creature): Level 20, HP: 13333 Weakness: Fire

    All of these bosses are immune to mahou other than their weakness, so it's a good idea to use the summon "Syldra" here. Also, have KuroMadoushis use individual mahou on the monsters, according to their weaknesses. "Requiem" also works here, and hits 2 of the 3 enemies.

    After this, you can get 3 more weapons from Koozer. There should only be 3 weapons left now.

  7. Getting Odin. (Level: 45)

    Now is a good time to get another useful summon, Odin. To get him, go to the Jacole dungeon, and climb the wall in the back (You should have already been here...remember?). Go up and meet Odin.

    Odin. Level 2, HP: 17000

    You have to beat Odin in 60 seconds, or else he will automatically destroy the party. "Holy" and "Flare" mahou work very well here, and so do throwing Shurikens. Even high level attacking Monks will work. If you can't beat him the first time, keep trying. After you beat him, you get his summon. Also, you can steal "Mamori no Yubiwa" (Protection Ring) from him.

    To get to the Phoenix Tower, you need to pick up that Black Chocobo you found in Mirage, and bring him here, since the airship can come here, but it can't land in the forests like the Chocobo can.

  8. Phoenix Tower. (Level: 46)

    Treasures: 5000 giru, 10000 giru, 15000 giru, 20000 giru, 25000 giru.

    When you get into here, search the middle wall. You will be brought to a series of rooms, each with 2 staircases in it. If you pick the right one, there will be no enemies, but if you don't, you can be attacked by enemies. Try to do this on your own, but if you're the cheating type...

    Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, door.

    On some floors, you will meet the enemy "Magic Pot". If you feed him an Elixer when you meet him, he will give your entire group 100 ABP each. This is great for mastering classes, and is well worth it, I think. Also, a lot of the enemies here have great items to steal. Make sure to steal them. When you get to the tower, you will get the Phoenix summon.

  9. North Mountain. (Level: 46)

    North Mountain is right above the forest you landed the Black Chocobo in earlier as you went to the Phoenix Tower. You will have to beat Bahamut at the top, and he is a very tough opponent.

    Boss of North Mountain: Bahamut. Level 99, HP: 40000

    This is one of the toughest battles in the game. The best mahou in the game works best here, like Holy, Flare, Meteo, and Syldra summon. "Slow" and "Stop" also will work, but Stop doesn't work that well. This should be a long battle, but hopefully, you'll win. :)

  10. Getting the Mimic Class. (Level: 46)

    When Walse sank in World One, there was one crystal shard that wasn't reachable. Well, you can get that shard now. Use the submarine, and search around until you find it (Hopefully, you'll remember where Walse was). You start at the top, and you have to go toward the bottom of it. You only have a certain time limit for this (people can't hold their breath that long, ya' know! ^_^). At the very bottom, you'll fight Gogo.

    Walse Sunken Tower: Gogo. Level ??, HP: ??

    This is probably the easiest battle in the game, if you know what you're doing. Otherwise, it's the hardest. :) When you first meet him, he'll say "If you do what I do, you can win". Well, he won't do anything at all, so just sit there. You'll win in a matter of minutes. :) After this battle, you'll receive the Mimic class, the best class in the game.

  11. Istory Falls and extra things. (Level: 47)

    Treasures here: Etel, Air Knife, Kame no Koura (Tortoise Shell), Mamori no Yubiwa, Reflec Ring, Enhancer Sword, 12000 giru, Aegis Shield, Artemis no Yumi (Artemis Bow), Fuuma Shuriken, Kyojin no Ono (Giant Axe), Kyojin no Kusuri (Giant Medicine), Rune Blade.

    There is a white spot on the map near Istory Falls. You have to get here via underwater cave. There are a few tricks to getting the chests here. On floor B3F, you need the Thief's "Dash" ability to get the chest on the other side of the water, but it is still very hard. Also, on B5F, you get to the bottom floor by jumping in the holes. You open the hole by the switch to the side of it. There is a hard enemy here that you can encounter randomly, Tonberi. He has 39393 HP! After you beat him, though, you can sometimes win a very great piece of armor, the Mirage Vest. After awhile, you'll have to fight Rivaiathan.

    Boss of Istory Falls: Rivaiathan. Level 39, HP: 40000 Weakness: Lightning/Thunder

    Mahouken Sandaga work very well on him. He is weak to thunder, so summon "Syldra" also works very well. I found that Knights with Two Hands ability and two strong swords will also do a lot of damage. After awhile, you'll kill him, and receive his summon.

    Now you can go back to Koozer, and get the last of the 12 legendary weapons.

    *There are a few more additional things you can do to help you beat the game more easily, and I'll list a few that are most notable.

    Getting the Chicken Knife or Brave Sword:

    Go back to the town of Muah. The locked door that was here before can now be opened. Go in, and you'll have to walk through a small forest. When you get to the end of it, you'll talk a person, and he will offer either to give you a Chicken Knife or Brave Sword. If you've run away from a lot of battles in the game, take the Chicken Knife. If you haven't run away much, take the Brave Sword. The Chicken Knife's power is increased by running from battles up until the point you get it, and the Brave sword is just the's strongest if you haven't run away from many battles. It also decreases every time you run. Also, the Chicken Knife sometimes has the effect of making you run away! It's really a matter of personal preference, but if you run away a lot throughout the game, I prefer the Chicken Knife over the Brave Sword.

    Master Pianist: (That's playing the piano. ^_^)

    If you've played all of the pianos in each of the towns, you can become a piano master. After you've played them all, go to Crescent Town, and a Bard tere will give you "Eiyuu no Uta", which raises your levels during battle.

    Also, if you want, it's not very important, but you can go to a bay south of Karnak, and to a cave to the right side of the bay, and a man will tell you the number of fights you've been in, the number of monsters slayed, your average experience points per battle, your treasure box collection percentage, and number of times you've saved.

    It's now time to go to the final dungeon, slay Exdeath, and restore peace to the world. It's time to enter the void to the Cleft of Dimention.

  12. Cleft of Dimention. (Level: 50)

    Yes, I think it'll be a lot less work for you if you're on level 50 or above here, because some of the later bosses here are really tough, and you'll be able to insure getting out of here and beating the game quickly. :)

    There are 6 sections to the Cleft of Dimention. The Ruins, Forest, Dungeon,Towers, Castle, and Last Floors.

    Cleft of Dimention Ruins:

    Treasures here: Etel, Cottage, Elixer x 2, Blood Sword, Dark Matter.

    There isn't much to do here. You climb up by using the chains on the walls. Just make your way through, but you haven't seen nothing of this dungeon yet. :)

    Cleft of Dimention: Forest

    Treasures here: Ryuu no Kiba, Riris no Rod (Riris Rod), Enhancer Sword.

    This isn't hard at all to make your way through, either, but there is a boss at the end.

    Boss of the Forest: Karophysteli. Level 68, HP: 18000

    She uses "Reflec" to deflect mahou to you, but you can use "Dispell" to get rid of that. She doesn't have a particular weakness, so just pound away with normal attacks, or Zeninage, or anything you've got that you think will destroy her.

    Cleft of Dimention: Dungeon

    Treasures here: Tenshi no Yubiwa (Angel Ring), Honoo no Yubiwa (Flame Ring).

    You enter from the top of the waterfall. Make sure to heal up and save on the save point here. Right after, you will see a mechanical creature walking around. This is Omega. You can ignore it and walk on, but you can also fight it. It's a very hard enemy.

    Boss of Dungeon Zero: Omega. Level 119, HP: 55530

    Omega has Constant Reflect, is weak vs. Bolt, and Strong vs. everything else. For winning this battle you are given 50,000 Gp, 100Ab, No Expirence, and the Omega Badge.

    Omega's Attacks:
    Atomic Ray: 8000 to 9000 DMG all
    Earthquake: 5000 to 6000 DMG all
    Rocket Punch: this ratio attack adds confusion
    Encircle: Adds instant death, cannot be revived
    Rainbow Wind: Adds blind and Silence
    Mustard Bomb: 3000 to 5000 DMG, add poison
    Burn Ray: 2000 to 3000 DMG
    Blaster: random damage, sometimes instant death
    Delta Attack: Add Petrify random damage
    Beam Cannon: 1000 to 2000 DMG all

    Strategies for Victory:
    A Ribbon will not stop the confusion effect of rocket punch but will stop the petrify effect of Delta Attack. A Circulet or Aegis Shield prevents Blaster. Wall blocks atomic ray and blaster. A fire ring absorbs Burn Ray and Atomic Ray. Float avoids Earthquake damage. Coin does no DMG. OMEGA absorbs hydra. Meteo does little to no DMG.

    The strategy for winning is a simple one. First you must have everyone at least a level six sword mage. Second you need to have everyone master the archer class (for Sshot). Make three Bare class people, with Sshot and Sword six as their abilities. Give the fourth person Time magic level six and White magic level six. Equipping everyone with fire rings will absorb Omega's attacks. Equip all the bare class people with their strongest swords (that can have magic sword cast on them), Ribbons, and Black Armor. During the battle have the bare class people cast Bolt sword three on theirself and protect them with the fourth person. Let all the bare's turn timers fill up before you start your Sshot assault. Omega will be defeated easily.

    After you get past Omega, you fight Apanda.

    Boss of Dungeon: Apanda. Level 59, HP: 22200 Weakness: Fire

    Cast "Baasaku" (Berserk) on Apanda, and use Fire Magic, but not "Ifrit" summon, because he will heal himself and the beserk status. Keep blasting him with your KuroMadoushis.

    Cleft of Dimention: Towers

    Use the Thief's "Kakushi Tsuuro" ability to see all of the hidden paths. Otherwise, they're invisible. There are a few really tough enemies here, so use your best fighters. Especially Ninjas and Dragon Eibis. There isn't any boss to this section, and it's not very long to beat. But, it is quite hard, because of the ultra-tough enemies.

    Cleft of Dimention: Castle

    Treasures here: Tooru no Hammer (Hammer of Thor), ManEater, Erumesu no Kutsu (Herme's Shoes), Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes), Rainbow Dress.

    Go straight and dwon the staircase to the left. You will go to a jail-like place, and you will have to fight Apocaryopus.

    *Note: Apocaryopus has the ability to cast every single AoMahou (Blue Magic) spell in the game. You might want to learn some important ones if you don't have them already.

    Boss of Castle: Apocaryopus. Level 57, HP: 27900 Weakness: Poison

    Use Bio! It inflicts about 7500 damage each cast, so just keep pelting him away with Bio spells from KuroMadoushis, and normal attacks with Monks, Knights, Ninjas, or Samurais.

    After you beat him, it opens up a save point, so make sure to heal and save. After you save, explore the rest of the areas in the Castle, and get the Herme's Shoes in the left wing, and Thor's Hammer in the right wing. You'll eventually have to fight Catastrophe.

    Boss 2 of Castle: Catastrophe. Level 71, HP: 19997

    Any strong normal attacks here work. Be sure to have someone on hand that can heal the party at any given moment, though, as this could be a hard fight. If he uses "Akuma no Hitomi", use Kin no Hari items to cure it.

    Then, enter the central door. You fight Harikarunassosu as you are walking up the staircase.

    Boss 3 of Castle: Harikarunassosu. Level 97, HP: 33333

    Most any normal attacks work here, but she can dish out some pretty tough spells. Again, have at least one ShiroMadoushi (White Mage) on hand to cure the party when needed. Also, you can cast "Baasaku" to stop her "Kururururu!" attack.

    After a bit, you will have to enter up on top of the castle, and fight Twin Tania.

    Boss 3 of Castle: Twin Tania. Level 39, HP: 50000

    He has a really high ammount of HP. This was one of the harder battles in the game for me, because I didn't have enough HP, and couldn't do enough damage in the time alotted. When the message "Gig Flare no tameni power up!" appears, use Odin. This is pretty much the only trick into beating him, but he is very vulnerable to Holy attacks. Also, it's possible to steal a "Kyojin no Ono" (Giant Axe) from him.

    Cleft of Dimention: Final Floors

    Treasures here: Ragnarok, Fuuma Shuriken x 3.

    A long time ago, Gilgamesh was sent to the Cleft of Dimention. Well, he shows up again. Then, he runs away. When you warp 2 times, you will find a treasure. You will have to beat "Shinryuu" (God of Dragons) to receive it, though.

    Boss of Final Floor: Shinryuu. Level 97, HP: 55500

    This is very, very tough. Probably the toughest battle of the game. To have ANY chance in this battle, you'll have to have 4 Coral Rings from Istory (they cost 50000 giru). This blocks his initial "Tital Wave" attack, which can hit for up to 6000 damage. Then, pound him with everything you've got, and quickly. Don't attack with anything Holy attributed, because that's his attribute, and he will gain HP from it.

    Don't go straight (Exdeath is there, you will fight him last). If you go on, you will fight Necrophobia.

    Boss 2 of Final Floor: Necrophobia. Level 66, HP: 44044

    You have to beat 4 small segments before you can attack the actual monster itself. "Golem" is really helpful here, as it will take the blows of a lot of Necrophobia's attacks. Bahamut, Flare, and Meteor all work great here.

    *Trick: You can defeat Gilgamesh here, if you take the right steps. Kill all of the barriers, then reduce Necrophobia's HP to about 6000. Make sure NOT to kill him. Gilgamesh will eventually show up. You can steal the greatest armor in the game from him, the Genji Armor. You can then wipe the 2 off the earth. :)

    It's time. Head up the center and fight him. Are you ready? Yes, I think you are. :)

    Round One of the Final Battle: Exdeath.

    "Golem" is really useful for protecting the party. "Heisuga" works very well for speeding you up, so you can have the edge in battle. Pelt him with all you've got, Flare, Holy, Meteor, Bahamut, Syldra all work here. He will eventually morph into NeoExdeath.

    Round Two of the Final Battle: NeoExdeath.

    There are 4 places you can hit. The 2 places in the back are in the back row, so your normal attacks will inflict half damage. Did you save up cash? Let's hope you did. :) "Zeninage" (Coin Toss) works VERY well on him...very strong attacks and mahou will work again, just keep fighting until the bloody end. :)

The Ending....

*Note: I do not know for sure whether FF5 has multiple endings or not. Someone has said it is affected by who is dead and alive at the time you killed NeoExdeath. Please tell me if you know this for sure.


Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide
Super Famicom
Japanese Version
Version 1.0
Made by Exdeath
E-Mail: [email protected]

Exdeath's Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide

This is the Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide. This copyright belongs to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it is due.

If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, E-Mail me at [email protected] I would really appreciate your help if you can give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for me to clear up, also mail me.

In this guide I will note the level I recommend your characters being, treasures in the area, boss strategies, and common things to do.

Note: I realize my level recommendations might seem a little high, especially during the first part of the game, but if you're pretty high in levels at the end of World 1, the game goes by pretty smooth.

Omega Strategy by Tommy Lee Cockrell 3. This strategy was not in Exdeath's original guide and was added by Greg Buhler at Tommy's request.
Email - [email protected]

HTML'ized by Greg Buhler, 2000
Email - [email protected]
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