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Final Fantasy 1's world is vast and expansive. Spanning an entire continent, there are several different towns and dungeons you can pass through. Below, we provide you with a list of maps for several different areas. Enjoy!

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[ - ] Dungeons
Temple of Fiends Marsh Cave L1 Marsh Cave L2A
Marsh Cave L2B Marsh Cave L3 Earth Cave L1
Earth Cave L2 Earth Cave L3 Earth Cave L4
Earth Cave L5 Ice Cave L1 Ice Cave L2A
Ice Cave L2B Ice Cave L3A Ice Cave L3B
Castle of Ordeals L1 Castle of Ordeals L2 Castle of Ordeals L3
Gurgu Volcano L1 Gurgu Volcano L2 Gurgu Volcano L3A
Gurgu Volcano L3B Gurgu Volcano L4A Gurgu Volcano L4B
Gurgu Volcano L5 Waterfall Sea Shrine L1
Sea Shrine L2A Sea Shrine L2B Sea Shrine L3A
Sea Shrine L3B Sea Shrine L3C Sea Shrine L4A
Sea Shrine L4B Sea Shrine L5 Mirage Tower L1
Mirage Tower L2 Mirage Tower L3 Sky Castle L1
Sky Castle L2 Sky Castle L3 Sky Castle L4
Sky Castle L5 Temple of Fiends L1 Temple of Fiends L2
Temple of Fiends L3 Temple of Fiends: Earth Temple of Fiends: Fire
Temple of Fiends: Water Temple of Fiends: Air Temple of Fiends: Final

World Map Towns / Castles Other
[ - ] Other Maps
World Map 1:1 Coneria Matoya's Cave
World Map 1:2 Pravoka Dwarf Cave
World Map 1:4 Elfland Sarda's Cave
Melmond Titan's Tunnel
Crescent Lake Bahamut's Lair L1
Onrac Bahamut's Lair L2
Gaia Cardian Islands
Coneria Castle L1
Coneria Castle L2
Castle of Elf
Northwest Castle

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