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Final Fantasy 4 has a vast and expansive world that many enjoy playing and, of course, seeing. For the avid adventurer, gaining everything and learning new information is a vital part of any game. If you are an adventurer like that (or are just stuck), we hope you use this walkthrough to help you:

Final Fantasy 4 Walkthrough
  1. Baron Castle
  2. Town of Baron
  3. Cave of Mist
  4. Village of Mist
  5. Town of Kaipo
  6. Find the sick Rosa
  7. Desert and the Underwater Vein
  8. Water Cavern
  9. Damcyan
  10. Antlion's Cave
  11. Mt Hobbs
  12. Fabul Castle
  13. The Morning After
  14. Wake up alone
  15. Besieged town of Mysidia
  16. Chocobo Forest
  17. Mt. Ordeals
  18. The Holy Room
  19. Back in Mysidia
  20. Return to Baron
  21. Raid on the Castle Baron
  22. Troian Beauty
  23. Magnetic Cavern
  24. Back to Troia
  25. Tower of Zot
  26. Escape and Return to Baron
  27. Way to the Dark World
  28. A Whole New World
  29. The Tower of Bab-il
  30. Return to Baron and the Hovercraft
  31. Eblan Cave
  32. The Tower of Bab-il revisited
  33. Jiott's Castle revisited
  34. Sealed Cave
  35. Land of Summoned Monsters
  36. Town of Summoners
  37. Odds and Ends 1 - Getting Excalibur
  38. Odds and Ends 2 - Getting Odin
  39. Securing the Legend
  40. The Lunar World, a.k.a. Moon
  41. Mysteries revealed
  42. The King of Summons
  43. The Giant of Bab-il is alive!
  44. Inside the Giant
  45. Back inside the Whale
  46. Crystal Palace to the Lunar Subterranae
  47. Lunar Subterranae and Moon's Core

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