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World 1:

  1. The Wind Stops.
  2. The Pirates.
  3. Town of Tule.
  4. Wind Crystal Shrine.
  5. Back to Tule and on to the Canal.
  6. Ship Graveyard.
  7. Karwen Village.
  8. Northern Mountain.
  9. Walse Town.
  10. Walse Castle.
  11. Walse Tower.
  12. Tycoon Castle.
  13. Walse Meteor.
  14. Karnak Town and Cid.
  15. The Fire-Powered Ship.
  16. Escape from Karnak!
  17. The Ancient Library.
  18. To Karnak and Back.
  19. Jacole.
  20. Cresent Island.
  21. From Lix to Istory.
  22. The Ancient Library and Quicksand Desert.
  23. Gosh and Lonka.
  24. The Meteorites.
  25. The Lonka Ruins.

World 2:

  1. The Solitary Island.
  2. Exdeath's Castle Basement.
  3. Rugoru and Koozer.
  4. Mouguli Forest and Town.
  5. Bal Castle and Quelb.
  6. Valley of the Flying Dragons.
  7. Back to Bal and Ghido's Dwelling.
  8. Surgate and Zeza's Fleet.
  9. Barrier Tower and Ghido the Sage.
  10. Muah Forest and Town.
  11. The Elderly Tree.
  12. Exdeath Castle.

World 3:

  1. Tycoon Castle and the Western Valley.
  2. Ghido, the Ancient Library, and the Pyramid.
  3. Exdeath appears and the new airship.
  4. Crescent and Solitary Island.
  5. Fork Tower.
  6. Improved Airship and the Great Deep
  7. Getting Odin.
  8. Phoenix Tower.
  9. North Mountain.
  10. Getting the Mimic Class.
  11. Istory Falls and extra things.
  12. Cleft of Dimention.

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