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Chocobo's Air Garden is the very last "Chocobo Forest" type area in the game. Floating in the sky, the only way to find this area is by searching the world for a slow moving, circular shadow. When found, entering this area merely requires floating above the shadow on Choco, and feed him a dead pepper. Within, the last (and best) of the Chocographs await!

Air Garden Information

Chocobo's Air Garden


Within the Air Garden lies the strongest and hardest boss in the game: Ozma! Ozma puts the "regular" final boss to shame in sheer power and speed. You need to be quick on your feet to beat this guy, and have the battle planned out before-hand.

Ozma - Boss Battle
HP: 55,535
MP: 9,999
Steals: Elixir, Dark Matter, Pumice Piece, Robe of Lords
Spoils: Pumice
Exp: 65,635
AP: 100
Gil: 18,312
Ozma is hardly the "friendlist" boss in the entire game. With his attacks and speed, he is incredibly hard to beat unless you come prepared. The first thing that should be noted is the attacks that Ozma use:
  • Lvl 5 Death: Make sure your party members' levels aren't in multiples of 5!
  • MP Absorb: Kinda useless considering how much HP he has, but he'll suck your MP out anyway.
  • Star Flare: Same as Kuja's. Sometimes deals immense damage, sometimes not.
  • Curaga: The bane of everyone who almost has something beat. Ozma will use Curaga a lot.
  • Mini: Makes your characters small.
  • Doomsday: Just like Vivi's. This will cause enormous damage to your party unless you have Shadow equipment equipped.
  • Curse: Pray that he won't use this. Curse inflicts every single status ailment imaginable unless you guard against it. It sometimes kills people, too.
  • Flare: Just like Vivi's. Deals huge amounts of damage.
  • Holy: Just like Eiko's. Not as strong as Flare, but fairly strong.
  • Meteor: One of those spells that never seems to work for you but always for the boss. Whenever he casts it, expect some if ot all of your characters to die or get hurt a great deal.

Ozma also has regular attacks. So this is 10 potentially instant-KO-ing spells against a party of four. Whom do you choose? That's completely up to you, and there certainly is not a "perfect party" for the job. We recommend having at least one white mage and Freya, however.

One thing to note, when attempting to attack Ozma, is that you'll never be able to physically attack it until you go through all of the Friendly Monsters. Once you talk with the Friendly Yan, you will be able to physically attack ozma.

Ozma is certainly not easy. If you're still having troubles, we recommend looking through some of the strategies posted all over the place, including the one in our Game Guides page. Best of luck!

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