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The combat system is fun, and I like how Sora will even jump up to attack an enemy thats flying or something without you having to push the jump button. However the reason I classified KH as an Action/PLATFORM/RPG, is because there are a lot of platforming elements in the game, including the ability to jump around during battles which can be used to dodge an attack, to jump up and attack a flying enemy or a really big boss, or just if youre bored and want to spice up the battle a little bit. Theres also a targeting system that can be used to target a single enemy, or to target different locations on a boss, and will focus Sora on that one spot, so all you have to do is press the attack button and youll attack. However I have great dislikes with this targeting system, as it can really mess you up, especially when youre in a boss battle.

Battle System

As you level up and gain experience, youll earn different abilities which you can equip if you have enough AP points. There are different types of abilities which have certain effects, however some of them include a Combo Plus, Scan, Sonic Blade, and there are also many, many others that can be gained and used. There are also shared abilities which can be used by your whole party, and the main shared ability includes the High Jump, which allows you to jump higher than you could before to reach higher locations that you couldnt before. There are also different items that you can equip, the most popular being different kinds of rings and bands, which can increase certain status points like defense, HP, MP, AP, and strength...or increase one a lot, but kind of decrease another by one or two points. Some of these accessories have elemental status type actions, which is usually a 20 or so % resistance to a certain element. At the end of each stage youll have to fight a boss, and there are two bosses which are almost impossible to beat first try. Most of the bosses are extremely challenging like the boss in Atlantica, however with a good use of quick spells and healing items along with knowing when to attack and when to back off, theyve also got some kind of weak point, however overcoming their strong points to FIND that weak point might be kind of a challenge(alright it can be a huge challenge).

Battles can get pretty hectic, especially when theres tons of activity happening on-screen at once, so a shortcut that can be used is that, well you can use the regular action button when youre actually attacking, but say you want to perform a spell or use an item, youll just scroll down with the right analog stick onto the option youre going to use(IE magic or item), and push down on the analog stick so it clicks, and the next menu will come up with the items you can use and youll scroll down to the item you want and push on the analog stick again so it clicks and then youll have to pick which of your teammates including yourself that youre going to use it on. It sounds like a complicated concept on paper, however when youre actually playing the game in a heated battle or boss fight, then this method of using magic, items, etc. will possible save your life so you can be picking a magic spell or item while at the same time dodging oncoming attacks.

Anyway, youve got the basic attack, which youll use whatever weapon youve got equipped and attack the enemy. Usually in an RPG there will be different weapons that you can equip on your character or other characters, however in Kingdom Hearts since most of the game is focused on this key, youll only be able to equip different types of keys that you find after each stage of the game that vary in looks according to which stage you got it from. Anyway, youll also have different magic attacks at your disposal, including the basic Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder...and they can also be upgraded to Fira, Firaga, Blizzara, Blizzara, Thundera, Thundaga, etc., although the amount of MP they use will stay the same. Then you can choose items to use which includes potions, ethers, and other assorted and useful items that can either make or break a battle. There are summons in the game, which are handled kind of like in FFX where theyll replace that character, however instead, in KH the summon will replace your other two buddies, and youll still be able to fight with your summon. The summons are an assorted bunch of Disney characters, like Dumbo for example. Im sure a lot of you have heard or seen stuff about the Dumbo summon, however there are many more summons found throughout the game that can be used, and some are fun while others arent to special and dont do much but get in the way. Since a lot of battles can get really hectic, then having to go through the magic menu might mean the difference between a win or a loss, so there is a quick menu where you can assign a different spell to either the Triangle, X, or Square buttons after pressing and holding the L-1 button.

Source: Kingdom Heartz

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